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Top 6 Pub Theatres In London

In Pub theatres, you can enjoy plays, comedy, and other performances along with your drink. These venues merge traditional pubs with a theatre. Even in the past, the pub theatres in London served as hubs for performances. Here are some of the top pub theatres in London today.

Etcetera Theatre

This pub theatre was established 30 years ago in Camden. It supports new artists and gives them a platform to flourish. Comedy, musicals, magic, cabaret, and other performances are held here. Some of London’s annual theatre festivals are held here, like the Voila! Europe, Camden Fringe, and others. Live sports events and different parties are held here as well.

Top 6 Pub Theatres In London 1 - Top 6 Pub Theatres In London

Old Red Lion Theatre

This place was opened in 1979. Emerging talents like Kathy Burke, Penelope Skinner, and others have performed here. The award-winning comedy play called ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ was first performed here in 2012. Now it is running on Broadway. This theatre often hosts the London Horror Festival.

Bread and Roses Theatre

This pub theatre was launched in 2014. It promotes diversity and equality. Performances like comedy, plays, and other things are held here. The pub has a beer garden and lives music for the guests. The Clapham Fringe Festival takes place every year here.

Drayton Arms Theatre

This pub theatre was formed in 1860. It is now a professional fringe venue that provides a great platform for new artists. Both classics and new works are displayed here. At the bar, you will get seasonal food and drinks.

King’s Head Theatre

It was the first pub theatre established since Shakespeare’s day. It became a popular place for performances in 1970. Many of their original productions are now transferred to Broadway and West End. The theatre attracts a lot of audiences.

White Bear Theatre

This theatre has earned a good reputation for supporting emerging artists. It stages both the classics and the new plays. For over 30 years, the theatre has entertained guests with great plays, comedy acts, and other performances. It is one of the best fringe venues today. The pub has a beer garden, and that’s why lots of people visit the pub.

These pub theatres are worth visiting as they provide a wide range of drinks and entertainment. You will enjoy the plays and comedy acts here along with your friends and family. The works of the newcomers will delight you.